Choices Stories You Play- Characters Manual

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Choices Stories You Play- Characters Manual

Choices Stories You Play is generally based on the role-playing genre, which is developed by the PixelBerry Studios. The game is all about read and playing a variety of stories, which makes the users kill their boredom with ease.  It offers stunning graphics, hundreds of thousands of stories, in-game characters and many more things.  Most importantly, it is available for both pocket platforms i.e. iOS and Android devices.


In addition, to make the gameplay innovative and interesting, there are numerous sorts of in-game character are available.  Users can access one of them according to the tales and have fun in the spare time.  Characters are:

The Freshman Book 1:

  • Emily (Main Character).

The Freshman Book 2:

  • Peter Liao.
  • Grace Liao.

The Crown and The Flam Book 1:

  • Kenna Rys.
  • Adriana Rys.
  • Leon Stirling.
  • Luther Nevrakis.
  • Rose Blake.

Detailed information About In-game Character

You might be familiar with the gameplay, in which there are numerous sorts of character available to get entertained in the leisure time. Read the given below information and gain success with ease.

  • Becca Davenport: This is the main character in the freshman, The Junior and lastly The Sophomore series.  So, in order to access this character, try to play these stories.
  • Yasmin Udoka: An avatar in the freshman series, which is a popularly connected agent.  She is first seen in The Freshman book Book 2.
  • Natasha: She is a student at the Hartfeld.  This is the avatar, which you can access in the sophomore and the freshman series.
  • Venessa Kingsley: She is a literature student and childhood friend of the main character in the freshman series.

Final Words

All in all, there is no need to be troubled about the in-game character.  Just read the above-mentioned information and gain success without making too much effort.  Hope the Choices Stories You Play Characters Manual will help you to become the ultimate player from all over the world.

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